Miss Iowa Teen USA

Angel Strong

Miss Iowa Teen USA 2021

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A first year at Drake University, Angel is majoring in International Relations and Environmental Science. She wants to pursue a career in Diplomacy, and one day become a member of the United Nations Environmental Programme. She speaks French and is currently learning Arabic, as well.

Angel runs Earth Angels, an organization that strives to provide scientific literacy education and environmental science education opportunities to low-income youth. She is active in tree plantings, community and pollinator garden installation, and climate action lobbying. She also has worked with Josh the Otter and Food Banks since 2009.

In her spare time, she prefers to read with a warm cup of tea, and her dog Chai by her side. She also enjoys writing, weight-lifting and hiking. Angel is a self-described lifelong academic, and as such she loves preparing for Model European Union, reading through environmental case studies and editing debate cases for her friends.