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People's Choice Award Online Voting!

At this year’s pageant we are holding a special online competition called the People’s Choice! We will be collecting your votes with the help of our voting partner, The Pageant Planet, for your favorite contestant for the People’s Choice in both the Miss USA and Miss Teen USA divisions. This year, the People’s Choice Winners will be guaranteed a spot as a semi-finalist in the Pageant Finals! The winners of the People’s Choice for each division will be revealed during the announcement of the semi-finalists as well as recognized during the awards portion near the end of the Pageant Finals!

During this year’s pageant, if the contestant numbers dictate, it may be decided by the judging panel to allow all the state contestants to advance to the Pageant Finals. If so, the winners of the People’s Choice voting will still be announced at the start of the Pageant Finals as well as recognized during the awards portion near the end of the show.

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Miss Iowa USA 2021 Contestants


Zeinab A.
West Des Moines
Thank you to all my friends and family who spent endless hours in helping me throughout this journey. I love you all dearly and I am lucky to have all of you by my side again this year.

Faith B.
Des Moines
There is not enough time in the world to recognize every single person who has helped me get to where I am today. To my mom and dad, thank you for always supporting me in my endeavors (whether it’s track & field, robotics club, or pageants!). To my grandparents, thank you for never missing an event, and always being a source of support through rough times. To Jimmy and Kelly, thank you for hyping me up and giving me tough love when I need it the most! And to everyone else who has supported me throughout this journey, your love will never go unnoticed.

Hayley B.
Southeast Iowa
My time on this stage would not have been made possible without my incredible support system. To my family and friends, thank you for keeping me sane and believing in me. Mom, thanks for the alterations, midnight Facetime calls, and being enthusiastic even though pageants aren't your thing. Tanner, thanks for reminding me of my worth and being my biggest fan. Kelly, thank you for fine-tuning me in all areas of competition. I cannot thank you enough for sharing your expertise and infectious personality with me. Stan at Verocity Fitness and Sunkissed Tanning, thank you for your sponsorship and positivity. You light up the gym and make it a haven for everyone. The space you have all created for me has made me feel confidently beautiful.

Emily C.
Johnson County
I would like to thank all of my friends and family for always supporting my wild adventures. Specifically, I want to shout out Riley from Thompson and Co because she keeps my blonde hair looking bright. Thank you to Marissa, my coworker and friend, from Infinity Skin Care for bringing the light out in me so I can share it with the world.

Katie C.
Marion County
I am so grateful and proud to be competing for Miss Iowa USA. With the generous support of Knoxville Sprint Car Hall of Fame, Pella Community Theatre, and Knoxville Raceway I come fully prepared to utilize my experience as an entrepreneur and business owner to continue sharing the important message of identity and self-worth. As Miss Iowa USA, I can further my mission to impact more communities. A HUGE thank you to my family, friends, and mentors whose support has shaped me into the faithful, tenacious, and Confidently Beautiful young woman I am today.

Jarika E.
Eagle Grove
Thank you to my family and friends for all your love and support!

Randi E.
Polk County
Thank you to all of my friends and family for your support and to my sponsors, Brickstreet Market and Cafe, Iowa Insurance Agency, Sta-Rite Transmission, and Logan Automotive. I wouldn’t be able to do this without all of you!

Isabella F.
I would first like to thank my parents for always supporting me and pushing me to reach my goals!! I would also like to thank both of my sisters Olivia and Sophia (who is in the Miss Teen Iowa Pageant) for always sticking by my side! To even be considered as Miss Iowa is a huge honor and a privilege so thank you to everyone who made it possible for me to compete in this pageant!! Last, but not least, I want to thank each of the women here and the judges for making this production possible! Thank you all very much, I am forever greatful!!

Blenda H.
I want to thank my family and friends for their support and for giving me the opportunity to achieve my dreams.

Mia H.
I would like to thank my parents for always supporting me in everything I choose to do, I Would not be the person I am today without them. I would also like to thank my dance teachers Jenn and Jess for giving me the confidence to be who I am and show the world what I have to offer. Lastly I am so grateful for all the help I have gotten from family and friends to help me prepare for this amazing weekend and opportunity.

Martina H.
Sioux County
Thank you to my family and friends for always encouraging me through this journey. Kelly, thank you for always believing in me, and for helping me discover my true self over the years. You are the best, and I appreciate you greatly. Kate, thank you for always building me up and for teaching me all things nutrition. I treasure our friendship more than you know. And to Pizza Ranch, thank you for being the best sponsor out there.

Shanel K.
Cedar Rapids
I want to thank my family, friends, co-workers, and coaches for believing in me and providing me with the love and support it has taken me to get where I am today. My family has always been my biggest support system and without them, none of this would be possible. They’ve always encouraged me to try new things and helped give me the confidence to attempt them. My friends have stuck by my side and given me love, patience, and happiness, when I needed it the most. I’ve been blessed to have amazing co-workers who make me feel more appreciated than anyone else and continuously provide me with a sense of belonging. I'm also thankful for my coaches from various sports and activities who have given me confidence, support, and guidance.

Reilly M.
Scott County
First, I would like to thank everyone who has made this weekend possible amidst the craziness of this past year- your time and efforts have not gone unnoticed. I would also like to say thank you to all of my family, friends and supporters who have guided and encouraged me toward becoming a greater version of myself throughout this journey. I am endlessly grateful for having the team that I do.

Jennifer M.
It is with my deepest appreciation and sincere gratitude I say thank you. First off, thank you to my well-wishers, supporters, friends, and family. Thank you for spreading cheerful thoughts and loving words. Everyone has been so kind and very supportive. I would also like to give a special thanks to my beauty team, my cheerleader, by wardrobe assistant, and my life coach, this person can do it all -- thank you mom for all your support and words of wisdom. I love you very much!

Caroline S.
I would like to thank my family and friends for their continuous support of my dreams. Each and everyone of them has cheered me on every step of the way. I would like to extend a special "thank you" to my mother. She has just finished her cancer treatment and she is the reason I am the woman that I am today. She holds herself with so much pride, grace and strength. She is everything I strive to be. Thank you, Mom.

Alexis S.
Central Iowa
Thank you to my parents, Tom and Audrey, for helping me see the benefits of hard work and perseverance. I am eternally grateful for my drive and passion to conquer whatever I set out to do, whether you meant to teach me that or not! To my younger sister, Brianna, thank you for letting me explore first and give advice later; my mistakes will come in handy. And last, but definitely not least, a very special thank you to AJ, for always being by my side and forever forcing me to make the tough decisions. You have always helped me stay mentally prepared for whatever I am about to face, and I cannot say thank you enough for being exactly who you are.

Katie W.
Iowa City
To my parents, thank you for the constant love and support and being my biggest fans. You have taught me to always look for the silver lining in life. To my sisters, Tori and Cari, thank you for always making me laugh and for being my best friends. To my grandparents, I know you will be sending me your prayers and love and I am forever grateful. To Jack and the Koerners, thank you for spreading the love to me when I was away from my family. To Jenna, thank you for being the best friend a girl could have. A very special thank you to all of my family and friends; you have supported me throughout this incredible journey! Finally, to the Miss Iowa USA organization and Future Productions, thank you for giving me this amazing opportunity.